Are you a UK Resident who would like to host a Ukrainian Family?

Six million people have fled Ukraine since the start of the conflict. We have 210 Ukrainian nationals on our waitlist — many at risk — who are in critical need of accommodation. Can you help?

Are you a Ukrainian National looking to relocate to the UK?

With dozens of success stories (and counting), we are the only charity in the UK that supports individuals from the moment they apply for their visa, to the moment they arrive in the UK, and beyond! Так, ми говоримо українською!

Visa Application

We’ll help you complete and submit your visa application.

Host Finding

We’ll help you find suitable accommodation with a trusted host.


We offer transportation advice and financial assistance.


Max's Story

Hello, my name is Max. I’m 15 and I want to tell you the story about my coming to England. During the three months I had been living in Poland and one day my mom received a call from her friend. She was offered to move to Great Britain. We, obviously, thought it was a joke. After we had left our home in Ukraine and got used to life in another place, next removal was not the best idea. But after all, we are here. The flight was unbelievable, I’m still impressed. It’s the second week of our being in UK. My sister and I prepare all the required documents for the school and my mother has already received a job offer. Every day we practice English and immerse into the new life but we don’t forget where we are from and what forced us to live our Motherland.

Anna's Story

My name is Anna, 17 y.o. I came to the UK a month ago with my mother Halyna. When we were in Poland, escaping the war, we met Jean Paul, who introduced us to Derek and the Homes for Ukraine team. It turned into a marvelous adventure for us, and we are now discovering England, safe and sound. Homes for Ukraine helped us with visas and Derek, the charity's founder became our sponsor and now we live in his house. These people are absolutely fantastic and they want to help more Ukrainians to get to the UK. What made us move here is horrible, but I truly believe that it can result in many new opportunities so we should look for the light in grey times.

Maryna's Story

Hello everyone, my name is Maryna. I came to Britain two months ago with my sons, Andrew and Denis. When the war broke out, we were forced to leave Kharkiv and go to Poland. There we met Jean-Paul, a humanitarian worker, and Derek, the founder of the Homes for Ukraine charity, who helped us and other Ukrainians obtain UK visas and find sponsors. We are now in a small town near London, where my children go to school, and I recently got a job. I’m extremely grateful to everyone who helps us. Everything is going well and I am glad that all the stars came together on my way. I wish you all the same!

Jane's Story

Hello, I'm Jane, 37 y.o. I came to Great Britain two weeks ago. I received great support from Derek and his Homes for Ukraine Charity. During my whole journey, they coordinated my way, searching for safe paths to the UK, and helping me receive all the necessary documents for my visa. Derek even helped to book a hotel, choose the right transport and get the plane tickets. I was met by my friend Maryna, who already lived in England for a month, and Alan. These are people with big hearts and a strong desire to help us, ukrainians, with all their strength and capabilities. Additionally I would like to thank the volunteers for acquanting me with my current sponsor, Ann. She is an incredible person, who assists me to adapt to changes in my life.

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We continue to offer support to displaced Ukrainians even after they arrive in the UK.

Once our refugees have settled into their new homes, we ensure they have access to resources which will allow them to assimilate into life in the UK.

Our process

We establish contact with refugees and obtain all necessary documents and information for visa application submission and host identification.

We prepare and submit each individual visa application on our refugees’ behalf, taking the burden of this process off their shoulders.

We identify a trusted host and a suitable home for our refugees, ensuring all relevant background and security checks are performed, and that the accommodation is adequate.

Once their visas are issued, we make travel arrangements for each refugee, transporting them directly to their new homes in the United Kingdom.

About us

We’re a passionate bunch from all walks of life. Together, we’re driven by a common desire — to do good in the world

Derek Edwards

Derek, an entrepreneur and philanthropist, has decided to start Homes for Ukraine with the aim of making the process of relocating to the UK simpler and safer for displaced Ukrainians. Much of Derek's time is presently spent near the Poland/Ukraine border of Korczowa-Krakovets, where he helps refugees.

Anna Merchuk

Anna is a Ukrainian citizen who Derek sponsored under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. Anna and her mum, Halyna, live with Derek at his family home in Milton Keynes. An accomplished singer and dancer, and an aspiring politician, Anna is our lead translator.

Alan Wick

With a background in sales and strategic development, Alan spent a fortnight in Poland assisting refugees, and he now manages the work of our volunteers.

Abir Pal

With experience at Oracle and Tui, Abir brings over 10 years of expertise in software architecture, Abir presently leads the star team responsible for all technical development of our upcoming application. He and his family are also part of an education NGO in his hometown of Medinipore, India.

Theo Rotaru

Born in Romania and appalled by Russia’s invasion of his home country’s neighbour, Theo leads our marketing and creative initiatives, and is currently designing our upcoming Homes for Ukraine application.

Osama Alkheder

Born in Syria, and a refugee in the Calais Jungle encampment in 2015 until Derek assisted him with obtaining asylum in the UK, Osama is a QA Engineer by vocation. Osama is a key member of our team of volunteers, and has expert knowledge on immigration and asylum-related matters.

Zack Wei

Born in Beijing, Zack is a London-based artist photographer, currently studying at the University of the Arts London. Zack was deeply moved by the effects of the war in Ukraine, so he joined the team as our main photographer and videographer

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